Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday-World's Best Cat Litter!

Today's blog entry is about World's Best Cat Litter.
8 years ago a friend told me about it.
We've been using it ever since.
Last night I was showing my son Marc the new packaging.
Marc's a graphic artist, web-designer and he loved it!
Of course the cats had to get in the act!

Here we are having a parade around the litter...
Candy showing the new package and Tommy the old.

The cats and I love our WBCL... Why you ask?
It's all natural- clumpable, scoopable and flushable.
I doesn't have a weird perfumed smell...
It doesn't make dust all over the place like clay litters.
It doesn't track out of the box too badly either.

When you find a product you really love...
I think you should tell your friends about it!

Candy says she'd be a spokesPURRson for WBCL!


Drew said...

Hey Guys!

We are so happy that you like the new package! Thanks so much for being such loyal customers for over 8 years, that is truly amazing.

Marc, we are glad to hear you like the package since it sounds like you have a good eye for that kind of stuff! Candy, we would love to have you as a spokesPURRson, you look great next to the package BTW :)


Angel and Kirby said...

Cute parade.

Amy and The House of Cats said...

That is great - I totally agree if you find a great product that you should mention it.

Martin Hooper said...

Candy you would make a lovely spokespurrson!!

Anonymous said...

And Candy did a mewvelous job of spokespurrsoning! We don't have that kittie litter here!!!

Anonymous said...

I would love a new litter, the last one I tried was a disaster.

CCL Wendy said...

You make a great case for WBCL! They should pay you for such adFURtising! LOL!

Your kitties are so funny -- all gathered around the kitty litter bags like that! Almost like it was food, or something. Silly kitties.