Sunday, November 9, 2008

Crazy Cat Lady Carm

I just finished my GUEST AUTHOR gig on CWC
His fans really did not like having someone add to his blog...
Some were OK with it, but it was all rather frightening!
I started this blog after the CWC episode called: Show Me Your Face
Click to see it... This photo above was the big reveal...

I continued to send him 4 or 5 photos a week NOT 30-50 a day
Exaggeration= Comedy for the gullible
And he offered me a GUEST AUTHOR thing on an episode called:
Lady from Buffalo

So I blogged on his site for about a week or so...

Basically is viewers encouraged me- threats on my life,
just plain nastiness, and some of them were nice...
to start my own blog, which I had already done.
A wonderful group of his fans CULTY embraced this
old... 54-teen, former school teacher CCL..
I just hadn't really kept it current...
So this is my attempt at doing that!


BeeChilly said...

hey there CCL Carm,
I'm happy to see your kitties, smiling face, wonderful words and photos here on this happy blog!

renee1213 said...

I'm sorry that you had such a negative experience at CWC. I'm definitely glad that you decided to start this up again!