Monday, May 31, 2010

Mahvelous Monday

Mahvelous Monday to eFURRYone!

Joy basking in her own fabulosity...

Showing off her tuftiest toes in the COONiverse!

Her PURRty pink toe pads!!!

Oh yes... I R all that and a bag of catnip!

Have a MAH-velous Memorial Day Monday!


spotts said...

I saw a van with the Crazy Cat Lady and Maine Coon cats on the side of it. This is a long shot but are you near Lake County Ohio? I have a holistic pet food business and was looking for this person for business reasons. If this is not she but are interested in recommending cat food please see my site.
Susan Potts,CPG
National field rep

CCL Wendy said...

Oh yes, that Joy has very long toe tufties and a very long tongue as well. I guess she needs it to clean all that luxurious fur of hers.

Have a great Memorial Day celebration!