Friday, June 25, 2010

FURiday- Happy 2 B Home!

Momma Joy and son Pride relax on the stairs upon returning home.
The 7 kitties camped out at Grandma's house Sunday night-
Wednesday morning, while we had our hardwood floors refinished.

We put them in carriers and carried them through the backyard.
My mom lives directly behind us.  When we downsized four
years ago- the house behind her became available and we
bought it!  It has been so convenient.  We were so grateful to
grandma for allowing us to bring the kitties to a safe place.

Let's face there is no place like home...
Pride & Joy love the carpeted stairway- they think it's a cat tree!

I should have taken a few pictures of them at my mom's.
I was in such a state being nervous about having them away
and being so sad about losing Puffy that I just didn't...
Home is where the FUR is!!!


Martin Hooper said...

talking of the other cats are they missing Puffy too?

I would guess they maybe having lived with her for all that time.

Lovely pics of mother and son too!

CCL Wendy said...

Seems like with all the hardwood floors refinished, kitties still like the carpeted stairs the best! Likely because of the familiar smell, as well as the warmth.

Where Joy goes, it seems Pride follows! Cute.