Tuesday, March 22, 2011

2cat 2sday 2somes

2 cats-Moony & Furby

2 cats- Sunny & Pride

3 cats?  NO- 2cats-The guy in the middle is only a toy!

2 cats- Candy & Joy & the toy

Only 1 cat- which happens when you have 7 cats 
and the others are all paired up.
Sometimes it's nice to be alone!


Gemini and Ichiro said...

I am sorry you do not have a pair! The other pairs are great!

Kathie said...

I never tire of seeing your photos, you are very good at capturing the cats! Thanks for sharing.

CCL Wendy said...

Three pairs and a spare! I'm sure the twosomes will be composed of different sets of kitties next time you take pictures.

That's what's so great about your kitties -- they all love each other! Even Joy and Candy seem to be a peace these days.

Sparkle said...

There are three of us here, and rarely two of us in the same place.