Saturday, March 12, 2011

CATURDAY- Pride Pics...

Pride relaxing on his kitty comFURter on Caturday!


CCL Wendy said...

Pride continues to wallow in the undivided attention you are lavishing on him!

He really looks a lot like the orange kitty on the throw, too.

And it was nice to see PURRpet in the picture again.

Have a fantastic Caturday, Pride!

Gemini and Ichiro said...

Ah such a handsome cat!

RoySr said...

Oooh, all them handsome kitties, and the best lookin of them all is real and floofy and good lookin.

Looking good on that comforter Pride. Enjoy Big Fellow. That's what it's for.

Come see us at our house. We have Competition for all Kitties.